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Founders desk

Simply put, Insurance Monitor is an independent platform that engages stakeholders in the insurance marketplace; insurers, consumers, brokers, reinsurers, actuaries, loss adjusters, loss assessors, third party administrators, banks, health providers, rating agencies and employees.

The portal has been conceptualized based on progressive opportunities observed in the UAE insurance landscape and on the premise that market competitiveness can be improved by:

  • empowering consumers to drive competition and improve service levels;
  • making information available publicly through statistical tools;
  • sharing insights from technical experts like underwriters, actuaries, rating agencies through a public domain;
  • pooling of insurance talent in the UAE and providing training opportunities to develop skills sets;
  • sharing macro-level sector developments and providing ‘market watch’ updates on competition, products and channels; and
  • initiating discussion papers on improvement opportunities.

I envisioned Insurance Monitor to be the first thought and central point of reference for society at large for any insurance related matters – products, service providers, performance, reviews, and grievances.

The UAE insurance market is worth about USD 12bn, made of contributions by every person resident in the UAE. A great deal spent to insure our risks, but sparsely known by most.

Through this portal I hope to benefit the sector. I hope to get more value from the premium we consumers pay our insurers. I hope to take competition and service levels to newer heights – by simply empowering consumers, connecting resources and disseminating insights. I hope to create a level playing field, where insurers and insurance service providers will be positioned from the consumer perspective. In the words of Scott Cook, Co-founder Intuit, “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what the consumers tell each other it is”. I hope to enkindle this consumer power and end the story well, when consumer bereavements are addressed courteously and responsively. Insurance Monitor will help connect the gap responsibly – benefiting each business and society as a whole.

I personally wish you thank you for taking the time to go through this site and encourage you to be an active stakeholder of the insurance sector. Keep visiting us!


Nisha Braganza

Founder and CEO - Insurance Monitor

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