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Editorial policy

Insurance Monitor is committed to first-rate standards of publishing, broadly categorized as news and publications. Our editorial policy is outlined below:

Code of Practice

Insurance Monitor is not a news agency. However, we aim to make relevant news available to the public. We do not have our own journalists, but source news articles from trusted media houses which will be identified with each news article. We strive to ensure that news articles we publish are legitimate and uphold the truth and principles of freedom, justice, values, ethics and respect of law. We will display responsible freedom by reflecting all sides of all issues and endeavour to promote universal human values.

All members of Insurance Monitor team have a duty to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards. Our code sets the benchmark for those standards. It both protects the rights of the individual and upholds the public's right to know. The code will be the cornerstone of our system of self-regulation to which we make a binding commitment: we will ensure that the code is observed rigorously, not only by our staff, but also by anyone who contributes to our website.

Anonymous sources

We do not support the 'anonymous source’ policy. However occasionally, names of interviewees or sources will not be published based on their request due to sensitivity of the issue or the nature of their jobs. We will also protect the identities of the more vulnerable sources who can incur disciplinary actions from their employers for speaking to the press.

Opportunity to reply

We are committed to correcting any errors and consequently a fair opportunity to reply to inaccuracies will be given to individuals or organisations when reasonably called for. We encourage you to contact us, informing us of inaccuracies you have spotted. 


Everyone is entitled to respect for their private and family life, home, health and correspondence. We will not entertain intrusions into any individual's private life without consent. 


Reporters and photographers must neither obtain nor seek to obtain information or pictures through intimidation or harassment. 

Reporting of Crime

A suspect is innocent until proven guilty, so names and photos of suspects should not be published until a final verdict is issued. We should avoid identifying persons convicted or accused of crime without their consent. 

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