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Review guidelines

The best and most helpful reviews and complaints are factually correct, include details from your first-hand experience, and have documents or photos, where applicable.

Guidelines for writing your review:

  • Be honest!
  • Include enough of a description so we can help direct any issues (usually over 100 words)
  • Please exclude profanity, threats or personal insults
  • Do not write in all caps

Guidelines for uploading documents:

  • Documents should be relevant to your review
  • Document format should be PDF, word, xls, jpeg, gif or png

Guidelines for uploading photos:

  • Photos should apply directly to your review
  • Image format should be jpeg, gif or png

Please note that we aim to incorporate all reviews in our rating process. However, our Moderation Team will evaluate your review to make sure it fulfils our guidelines and may contact you. Remember, you are responsible for what you select, write and upload so please be fair and honest.

Thank you for contributing to the Insurance Monitor.

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