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Consulting services

Insurance strategy and implementation support

Our insurance strategy experts come with a combined experience exceeding 80 years in insurance start-ups, revamping companies and delivering results across the insurance supply chain. Our approach to developing core insurance strategies is down to the basics: Products, Reinsurance, Underwriting and Distribution, optimized by the available resources: technology, financial and human within a controlled environment: governance, ERM, and processes. We build sustainable and diversified businesses.

Our work goes beyond presentations and discussions and follows through with implementation support. We have the right team that is linked into the international insurance network and will structure and organize your requirements.  We help companies to drive financial and operational excellence by enabling planning and continuous monitoring of business performance. 

Our insurance strategy and implementation support services include:

  • Enterprise-wide diagnostic reviews
  • Five year strategic plans and comprehensive insurance projections
  • Corporate restructuring plans
  • Implementation support through PMO
  • Performance monitoring with management information packs
  • Scorecards that tie performance to reward

Corporate rating support

We assist insurance companies through the interactive corporate rating process, both - first time applicants and recurring annual rating reviews. Our experts come with a thorough understanding of the rating mechanisms of various rating bodies and work with the senior executives of insurance companies to address any strategic or operational gaps accordingly.

Our corporate rating support services include:

  • Review of existing ratings, where applicable
  • Enterprise-wide diagnostic reviews
  • Internal rating assessment
  • Recommendations to enhance ratings (quick wins, stretch goals and transformational initiatives)
  • Implementation support
  • Rating presentation packs
  • Presentation support at management meetings with rating bodies

Reinsurance solutions

Our data and information governance professionals work with local and international reinsurers and reinsurance brokers to help improve access to and the reliability of underlying data from insurers and third party administrators that is critical to treaty renewal decision-making.

Insurance companies operate in a business environment that has become more complex with the demands of global reinsurers, pressure to automate and an ever-increasing array of regulatory and legal requirements. Further complications are introduced in the data process as insurance companies engage with multiple third party administrators and their ability to reconcile information with reinsurers and retain that which is strategically critical becomes more difficult.

We help reinsurers to improve the entire information life cycle, including data organizing, management and reporting so decision-makers have the right information at the right time.

Our reinsurance solutions include:

  • Automation - data management and governance
  • Data audit and integrity
  • Data reconciliations
  • Treaty performance reports
  • Treaty renewal presentation packs

Consumer insights

We provide tailored solutions to measure how products or services supplied by an insurance company meet or surpass a consumer’s expectation. Customer feedback is a critical metric to business owners that can be used to manage and improve businesses. Satisfaction levels define your company’s point of differentiation and is a leading indicator of a consumer’s repurchase intentions and loyalty. Insurance companies that invest in listening to their customers, increase the customer lifetime value. It costs less to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one.

Our customer insights solutions include:

  • Preparation: survey planning, objective setting, questionnaire design, sample distribution and methodology
  • Mobilization and administration: telephonic, face to face, online, B2B, mystery shopping
  • Analytical report with recommendations. We ensure our recommendations are pragmatic to facilitate implementation.

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